Our Equipment

Fuji GPX-C Printer


Reflow Oven


Auto Nozzle Cleaner II

3D SPI - Online

AOI i9 inline

AOI i8


Nordson X-Ray

E-Dek Laser Printer


PCB Types Rigid, Flexible, and Rigid-Flex PCBs. MCPCBs, Ceramic PCBs, and Rogers PCBs.
Solder Paste Inspection: Auto 3D paste coverage inspection.
Layer Count: We can assemble 1 to 40 layers. (Or according to client requirements)
Minimum Size: 50 mm
Maximum Size: For panel board 900 mm x 400 mm
Surface Finishes: Gold Plated, Lead or Lead-free, OSP(Organic Solderability Preservative), etc.
Board Shape: We can assemble circular, rectangular, and any opaqueshape. While choosing shape other than a rectangle, you will have to penalize PCB in an array.
Minimum Order: You can contact our team.
Assembly Options: You can ask for THT, SMT, hybrid or both. Plus, you can go with single and double-sided placement.
Repair & Rework: Repairing and reworking is a very difficult job. You can still contact our team for a better solution.
SMT Production Capacity: We are capable to produce 10 million chips per day in the case of 5 SMT lines. And, 8 million per day in the case of 0402 and 0201 and 01005.
DIP Production Capacity: We can produce 52000pcs per month.
Lead Time: This time depends on the order. However, our usual assembly time is between 1 to 2 weeks. The time can vary on the bases of printed board assembly complexity. It might take more time for custom designs. However, we will deliver boards within the due date.
SMT production capacity: SMT Lines(10 million chips per day (0402, 0201 , 01005with 8 million per day)
Enclosure assembly: 1 Production Lines for enclosure assembly
Fine pitch assembly: Down to 01005, 0201 size